Transdata introducing AI ChatBot.

Tthat helps you to build Superior  Safer Faster interaction with your clients.

AI Chatbot
AI Chat

Transform your customer interactions with Transdata's AI Chatbot and automate your services like customer support, order tracking, product recommendation sales & lead generation, appointment schedule, feedback & surveys or information retrieval.

Deliver exceptional customer support to drive sales.

  1. Customer Support: The chatbot can provide immediate assistance by answering frequently asked questions.
  2. Order Tracking: The chatbot can help customers track their orders by providing real-time updates.
  3. Feedback and Surveys: The chatbot can gather customer feedback, conduct surveys, and collect valuable insights.

Drive your sales without lifting a finger.

  1. Sales and Lead Generation: The chatbot can engage customers in conversation, gather relevant information, and provide product or service information
  2. Product Recommendations: By understanding customer preferences and analyzing data, the chatbot can offer personalized product recommendations
  3. Appointment Scheduling: The chatbot can facilitate the scheduling of appointments or bookings by checking availability, confirming reservations, and sending reminders to customers.

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